Meet Brenda Rogers

Meet Brenda Rogers


Certified Coach (CPC), Naturopath (Adv Dip Nat), Nutritionist (Adv Dip Nut), Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher, Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, Chapter Leader for Weston A Price Foundation (charity promoting wise traditions in food, farming and healing), Natural Fertility Practitioner, Wise Woman Educator, MBA (Macquarie Uni), Workplace Trainer (Cert IV).


  • Young Living Essential Oils – AU & NZ Training & Development Manager
  • USANA Health Sciences Corporate – National Training & Business Development Manager
  • Billabong Health Retreat – Presenter & yoga teacher
  • Blackmores – Naturopath & Manager
  • Department of Defence – Contract Trainer
  • Yellow Edge Consulting - Coach


No-one gets to escape pain in their lives. Mine has been in finding my way in the world as a woman who's failed many times in business, who has lost a pregnancy and who has struggled with self worth.

An eating disorder in my teens led me to naturopathy as a career but much of it has been spent working for others which has always been deeply unfulfilling for me.

10 years ago my life changed significantly when I was made redundant. I was totally lost for a while with no idea what I wanted to do. I couldn’t believe I’d got to this age in life (early 40s) and here I was out on my ear and bitter about it!  My ambitions to be a corporate leader had been dashed. In hindsight I now know I would have been miserable as a corporate exec – its so not me.  I truly believe in divine intervention!

At that time, with no idea of my direction I decided I needed to do some serious soul searching; I needed to find within myself what I was meant to do for the rest of my time on this planet.  It didn’t come to me for a long time. In the meantime, I joined a group of Aboriginal women for a week of art and ceremony camped out near Uluru! I spent days with an aboriginal healer in Alice Springs communing with the land and the spirits for inspiration. I walked for hours up in Bidjigal nature reserve and I bought a tonne of DVDs on health related topics.

One of those DVDs was “The Vanishing of the Bees”, a documentary about the colony collapse disorder wiping out millions of bees across the planet.  This movie had a profound impact on me in two ways.  Firstly, unexpectedly, it made me angry.  It got me in the guts and switched on a primal part of me that is incensed by the injustice in the world – it related to the use of systemic pesticides in agriculture, which are destroying the immune systems of the bees.

What happened next was also unexpected but I now recognise it as a core part of who I am. In one scene in the movie they follow a bee collecting pollen on a sunflower. The bee is happy and healthy and moving intentionally in it’s beautiful, bumbly kind of way.

Then they show another bee collecting pollen on a sunflower that has been doused in systemic pesticides.  This bee is disoriented, unstable, struggling to keep upright.  At that moment the profound impact of what we humans do to innocents like bees (and it also includes butterflies, lady beetles, trees and even babies and children!) hit me like a sledgehammer.  I burst into tears!  My heart bled but what was interesting was my reaction.  Once again a profound whole body experience occurred where every cell of my being felt a primal, protective urge – like a parent’s instinct to protect their child in danger.

It wasn’t long after that that I decided to practice as a naturopath again.  I had given it up years ago vowing to never go back to it.  And yet, it wanted me, if you know what I mean?  If I got out of my own way and gave up all the stories I had about why I couldn’t do it, that was what I was meant to do. I recognised the “rightness” of it and how it fit so well with who I was. I always wanted the work that I did to build a dream of my own (not someone else’s). It was natural for me to nurture people, to be a stand for their greatness and to help them grow. I had a million qualifications all relating to health, healing and personal development. It was obvious wasn’t it! That was what I was meant to do!

So I did it!  I went back to college to get accredited again. I found a supportive, nurturing place to practice locally.  I nervously helped my first few clients!  I learned heaps, I got better and better, busier and busier. It has been the hardest, most challenging, most difficult and most extraordinary time of my life!

I went on to work again in Corporate. And a part-time job turned into a full-time job pretty quickly. Here I was again in "safe" land. But nothing could stop me from honouring those feelings inside, driving me to make my difference in the world. And so in 2018 I left that job and have been growing stronger and stronger.

Now, in my 50s, life feels like it's coming together. I'm a devoted stepmum and wife. I have my own business that fills me with joy and purpose. And most importantly to me, I have found my connection to the Divine especially the Divine Feminine. I feel blessed to be a woman and, for the first time in my life, am embracing the profound honour it is to be female.




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