Adrenal Recharge Program

Adrenal Recharge Program

The adrenal glands are where the strength center of our body is located. This is where you get the ability to “keep on keeping on” and to endure.

Catherine Ponder ~ The Healing Secrets of the Ages

I get it... you're over it!

  • You're sick of dragging yourself out of bed
  • You're over being snappy all the time and wonder what are you doing to those you love?
  • You're fed up with the doctors telling you nothing is wrong
  • You're tired of taking drugs, you want something natural that doesn't disconnect you from your body and your life!

Everything is harder when you're buggered!

And it's a vicious circle. The lower your energy, the harder it is to take good care of yourself and the less care you take the worse you get. And that can lead to:

  • Lots of colds and flus
  • Heavy or erratic periods and iron loss
  • Brain fog or the famous Menopause Brain
  • IBS and other gut issues
  • Slow increase in weight
  • Low mood and anxiety

I understand this so well. I was in a high-pressured corporate job doing long hours and working interstate at weekends. As someone who's always striving to achieve and to please others I was in this relentless routine of busyness. I never took time to stop for much needed self-reflection or to smell the roses. I just kept going thinking I'd find fulfilment if I jus tried a little bit harder! Of course it all came crashing down.

The result is this webpage you're on, and this program I've developed - to help others take the urgent self-care they need and to course correct their lives before it all falls apart.

Did you know?

Feeling energised could be a little as 6 weeks away.

The Adrenal Recharge Program


Get unstuck with this simple, affordable program. Here's the program week by week:

  • Week 1: Motivation - basics principles to get you results fast
  • Week 2: Movement - reduce your cortisol and improve your sleep
  • Week 3: Merriment - adding fun back into the routine
  • Week 4: Mindfulness - the real secret to getting everything you want from life
  • Week 5: Macrobiome - looking beyond the body to the environment we live in
  • Week 6: Mood - finding the balance
  • BONUS Week 7: Medicine - medicinal herbs and foods

Abnormal adrenaline and cortisol levels can result in mood disorders, sleep disturbances, reduced immunity, and changes in vital circulation. Because these side effects are not uncomfortable enough to be intolerable, a self-destructive, adrenal-depleting lifestyle often continues.

Dr Christianne Northrup

What other people say

I enjoyed the challenges each week and working in a group as it focused my mind on doing healthy cooking for myself more regularly. Felicity S

I loved the program. It helped me to set small goals that were very achievable and I made great headway in my health. It helped my discipline and I was very pleased to find out that you don’t need to starve yourself to be healthy or slim.  Tori G

I started off a bit shaky in the first few days as I wasn’t clear exactly what I was doing but the FB support and the easy access to Brenda helped sort out any problems I had pretty quickly.  Barbara R

How to get started

You can start this program now! No waiting necessary. And I recommend you do. Remember, if you don't make time for health now, illness will make time for you.



You deserve to be well.
You deserve to be happy.
But it won't happen by magic.
The best investment is one that includes guidance, support and accountability.