Detox & Nourish 14-day Online Challenge

Detox & Nourish 14-day Online Challenge

We're all about nourishing wildly healthy women.

That's why we're running the DETOX & NOURISH 14-day ONLINE CHALLENGE!

Based on the principles of the Wise Traditions diet and focusing on nutrient-dense food, we bring you this innovative and delicious 14-day online Detox and Nourish Challenge!

The Wise Traditions diet teaches you ways to increase the nutrient density of your every day food and to avoid the nasties that create poor health. All the make you wildly healthy!

We introduce the Wise Traditions principles one at a time so you can use the 14-day challenge to transition into a healthier diet for yourself and the whole family. We encourage you to declutter your environment and freshen your perspective. It's an amazing reset!

This is for women (and men too) who are:

  • Sluggish, stuck in a rut or feeling run down
  • Drinking too much coffee and want to tone it down a notch
  • Not sleeping well and are "wired and tired"
  • Adrenally fatigued, in pain, sick a lot, upset too often, out of whack with themselves and know something has to change
  • Stressed and haven't focused on themselves for a while
  • Gaining weight and want to a health focus rather than a weight focus.
  • Need a community to help them get started on new lifestyle habits

The Program includes:

  • Daily detox challenges
  • Bi-weekly declutter challenges
  • Recipes, resources and nutrition "lessons"
  • Personalised consultations
  • Private FB Group
  • Nutrition Q&A via FB Lives
  • Community support
  • Bonus prizes and extras
  • Optional Detox supplement upgrade
  • Bonus Wardrobe Declutter Program

Join us for this unique and inspiring online challenge! See below for details of your host and the program options.


Your host for the online challenge

Brenda Rogers is a twice qualified nutritionist and has a lifelong passion for food.

Originally, she became interested in nutrition through a dysfunctional relationship with food and an eating disorder in her teens and 20s.

Now, food is her friend, and she's passionate about helping people heal their bodies and minds through quality nutrition.

Brenda has an advanced diploma in naturopathic medicine which includes nutritional and herbal medicine, homeopathy and bodywork. She's a certified coach, clinical aromatherapist, yoga and meditation teacher and the owner of Quintessence Women's Health where she is the principle women's health coach.

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Choose the best option for you.

#1: Detox & Nourish Online Challenge - Standard Option

Launch into a cleaner and clearer life!

Your online challenge program includes:

  • Full 14-day program - value $150
  • 1 x 15-min onboarding consultation - value $45
  • 1 x 15-min completion consultation - value $45
  • Bonus Wardrobe Declutter Online Program
  • Private FB group access - value unlimited
  • FB lives for mid week Q&A support - value $150

Total value: over $390

Cost: $89

#2: Detox and Nourish Online Challenge VIP Option

Become your best, wildly healthy self!

  • Everything included in the Standard program PLUS
  • Homeopathic Detox Kit for deep lymphatic, kidney and gut detoxification - value $96
  • Supermarket tour OR Zoom nutrition group class - value $60
  • Prizes

Total value: over $600

Cost: $199

What others have to say...

Great value for money and great fun!

Deb G

Its important to remember that food is the best form of medicine.

Angela M

I honestly never realised what I was actually putting in my body before, so that was a hugely eye-opening experience.  

Madison T

I was feeling overweight and tired but regular gym habits, a better diet, and a more thoughtful approach to food has delivered a new me!

Kathryn I

Feeding our bodies and nourishing ourselves is at the core of what it is to be.  

Paul S

Recipes first! Start with good recipes and go from there.

Kylie C

My family are enjoying the benefits of being aware of food choices.

Sandy W