The War Against Butter!

Butter on toast

Should we eat butter or should we eat margarine?  The answer reveals so much about what’s going on in the area of food and nutrition right now.

My own bias, as someone who trusts nature, is that butter is the way to go.  In fact in our household margarine is not welcome!

However, many people I speak with think that margarine is better.  Let’s look at that.  Margarine starts out life as oil but oils are liquid at room temperature. So we need to chemically alter them to make them solid.  This is called hydrogenation.  But we turn something that is natural (oil) into something that is unnatural.  Foods that are unnatural are not easily recognised by the body and are seen more as foreign bodies (toxins) than food.

Back to our marg making! – oil that has been hydrogenated is not a glorious golden yellow colour, so it has to be bleached and coloured  This involves more chemicals and artificial ingredients and therefore potentially more “toxins” for the body to deal with.

When I say “trust in nature” most people I speak with totally get it and agree to go back to butter.  Why then is there such confusion?  It’s the marketing hype!  Medical research way back in the 70s showed in a massive study (The Nurses Study) that trans or hydrogenated fats contributed to heart disease.  So we know margarine doesn’t protect you. Margarine is, however, a very cheap food and manufacturers make a lot of money from it.

Whatever the reason, use nature as your guiding light.  The closer it is to the way nature made it the safer it is in your body.  In my next blog I’ll talk about how “close to nature foods” help you to lose weight and reach your natural, comfortable body weight.

By the way if you prefer your butter soft, simply mix it with olive or grapeseed oil 50:50.  Then you can store it in the fridge and still spread it!

Brenda Rogers

With over 25 years experience as a corporate trainer, naturopath, yoga teacher and wise woman educator, Brenda is the head clinician and coach at Quintessence Health.

"A healthy mind and body simply ensures you have the time and energy to fully express and manifest your life’s purpose – it facilitates the unfolding of joy."

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