Peri Menopause Quiz

Peri Menopause Quiz

    • Do you crave sugar bad!? Like the chocolate talks to you from the pantry, whispering, “eat me, eat me!” and you can’t seem to find the inner strength to resist?
    • Do you drag yourself out of bed in the morning, avoiding everyone till the caffeine hit has kicked in? Yet, whenever anyone asks you to do something, you’re right there.
    • Are you being held hostage by your hormones? Does your family avoid you at certain times of the month or scratch their heads at your latest antics, saying, Mum’s gone mad! Do you feel like you’re unsupported, not listened to, invisible?
    • Do you have three times as many clothes on as everyone else and wonder if your thyroid might have something to do with your growing weight problem?
    • Does anxiety clench your guts and stop you from truly expressing yourself? Do you lack confidence in yourself? Are you afraid to put yourself “out there”?
    • Do you suffer with the “high fact diet”, inundated with confusing, overwhelming nutrition information leaving you susceptible to the highly seductive quick fix? What happens when your willpower runs out? Is it back to square one?
    • Has pain become your new bestie, and just between you and me, you take way more painkillers that you’d really like to admit? Could you be medicating away deeper pain?
    • Are you wide-eyed at 3am every night, do you poop only once a week, is your mood a not-so-pretty shade of blue, do you know every bathroom within a kilometre radius wherever you’re at (just in case you have an accident!)?

Did you say yes to many of these?

All of the above are signs and symptoms of complex lifestyle conditions associated with perimenopause.

They do not always respond well to drug treatment or suppressive medicine, at least not long term.

On the surface they seem simple enough but are, in fact, multi-layered, difficult and complex conditions requiring a loving, longer-term commitment to yourself.

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