Menopause Mastery Program

Menopause Mastery Program

Did you...

IMG_6969 any chance, arrive at this page via a webinar, FB live, referral or some other informational event given by Brenda?
If that's the case, we have the package just for you.
It’s called the Vibrant Health Essentials Package and we think you will like it.

If you're looking for midlife health and wellness support... holistic perimenopause & menopause support... mind body medicine (understanding the whole person)... health coaching for permanent results... coaching support for a common sense, nutrient dense diet... You're in the Right Place!

Menopause Mastery Program


What's Included?

♦ A place for you to be heard as you unload what's been going on for you with someone who is a patient, compassionate and insightful listener

♦ A comprehensive health assessment that evaluates your symptoms AND your capacity for wellness.

♦ An integrative perspective on your life via modern medical and naturopathic testing e.g. blood tests, iridology, live blood analysis (in person only), lifestyle and dietary assessment, symptom assessment and optional-extra, functional testing.

♦ Respect for your culture, sexual orientation, marital status, age and gender

♦ A treatment plan designed for you so you can move forward knowing what you need to do and how to do it.

♦ Relief that someone gets you, will guide you and will teach you "how to fish" rather than give you the fish.

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Commit now to your wellbeing journey...

What is the cost?

This 12-week program is designed to give you time to share your story, implement some baby steps, clarify all your questions and for your practitioner to get to know you well.

You will receive a report of all the assessment results and a comprehensive plan for moving forward. You will also receive handouts, recipes, resource links and information to guide you on your journey.

This package is valued at over $1500 and costs just:



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Every woman's menopause is unique. Every woman's menopause is an endocrine challenge. Every woman's menopause is a call to Spirit. 

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