Women’s Wisdom Gathering and Yin Yoga Retreat – March 11-13, 2022

Women’s Wisdom Gathering and Yin Yoga Retreat – March 11-13, 2022

Join us...


Gather the resources and strength of spirit to create a deliciously rich and purposeful 2022.


This is your call to attend the Women’s Wisdom Gathering & Yin Yoga Retreat happening in March 2022...

A retreat where you will find nourishment and comfort in the wisdom of the feminine.

Will you answer the call?

I’m inviting you because you are one of the many women I know hearing a call to awaken the feminine essence within you.

Maybe you don’t even realise it’s a call…

Maybe it sounds like a little voice in your head saying, “There must be more to life!” or “Everything seems so hard!” or “I’m so bored” or “I’m so sick of this!”.

Honour that voice!

Times are changing. Everything is in chaos. The old way is crumbling…

Our world is in desperate need of feminine role models who are courageous enough to speak their truth and live the life they desire.

Do you want to be that woman?

Well, we need to breathe in softness and surrender to find her,

…we need to escape our routine so we recognise her,

...we need to be with like-minded women so she can be seen and heard.

Join us if:

  • You’re interested in women's issues; the women's mysteries, the feminine arts AND you’re looking for a different way to live your life, one that is rich, fulfilling and purposeful
  • You see women's "ways of knowing" as valid and you want to connect to your own inner wisdom
  • You feel empathy for others and embrace an ethic of caring and have made a career out of it
  • You see personal experience and first-person stories as important and you’d like to learn more about “herstory” and women’s wisdom of the oral traditions
  • You long to be seen, heard and make an impact in the world instead of being overlooked or hiding yourself away - stuck, fearful or frozen
  • You’re more conscious, sensitive or spiritual than those around you and you want to learn strong protective mechanisms to stop you becoming a nervous wreck
  • You’re concerned with personal authenticity, global ecology and the well-being of all people on the planet and you feel drawn to deeply participate while you still can
  • You sense there is more to life than just taking care of others and you’re curious to see what you can achieve and how to live your life live your life to the fullest

Women's gatherings with a goal to raise consciousness and advance women's spirituality are the means through which women bring about change in themselves and the world. They set women on a course for transformation and freedom.

Are you brave enough to answer the call?

I think you are,

Brenda x

PS see below for more juicy details



Who is this Women’s Wisdom Gathering and Yin Yoga Retreat for?

  • Women working with women: counsellors, healers, teachers, coaches, conscious mothers and grandmothers, conscious business owners …
  • Empty nesters, women with the opportunity to focus on themselves
  • Women drawn to traditionally female vocations such as midwives, birth/death doulas, naturopaths, herbalists,
  • Women wanting to parent their children in a more meaningful way perhaps countering the influence of institutions, be they “well meaning” or having some vested interest
  • Women with an interest in, or fascination for, wisdom traditions such as crafting, traditional cooking and kitchen lore, permaculture, forest bathing, yoga and meditation, mediumship, and the more mystical arts
  • Women who are sick of trying to fit into a patriarchal world and want to explore something different
  • Women who are exhausted and depleted and who want to start anew in 2022

Are you done waiting? Then you are the woman the world is waiting for.

What will you do at The Gathering?

Rest! Relax! Have fun!

Imagine, your muscles melting into softness, as the gentle touch of the sun warms your skin,

… for the first time in a long time, the tension in your belly softens and you can let out your breath,

… the knot of fear in your heart loosens and you start to feel so safe and nurtured.

Ahhh, a whole long weekend to listen to your body, give it the rest it so desperately needs, and reflect on how you can set your life on a more nourishing and fulfilling course.


During the weekend you will:

  • Eat delicious food, lovingly made by someone else with no clean up required!
  • Stretch and relax your body through yoga, swimming, walking and deep nourishing sleep in your luxurious, renovated room
  • Listen to and share deeply transformational stories
  • Learn together through mystical circle work
  • Deeply connect with other like-minded soul-sisters in a profoundly safe environment
  • Create your own personalised medicine pouch containing the spirit medicine you need to fortify you for an amazing year ahead
  • Absorb the intangible magical essence that occurs when women come together to heal

It’s always been women in circles of various kinds that have changed the world.


Diversity Women Group Hanging Eating Together Concept

Why should you attend?


  • You’re exhausted from being available for everyone else but yourself and you want more for yourself.
  • You have a need to feel nurtured and calm again as we make sense of yet another tough year.
  • To live a more courageous life then you need fortifying so you don’t end up burnt out or sick.
  • You have so much wisdom and so many gifts and want to learn how to share them
  • You may feel (at best) misaligned with your job or (at worst) hate it. You would like to find something that better fits with your core values OR figure out how to re-align and feel worthwhile.
  • You’ve finally realised you can’t create a great life/business/relationship separated from others. It takes a village (or the sisterhood!).
  • Being fluid, flexible and in touch with your feminine nature is the antidote to misery, despair and confusion and will help you walk forward with certainty and confidence.
  • You want to create a new vision for your life, or overcome any fear or isolation you may have. Connecting with the spirt of the Earth and with your feminine power provides the path to achieving this.

Finally, you want to attend the Women’s Wisdom Gathering and Yin Yoga Retreat because…

  • You crave deep connection with yourself, others and the divine

All are welcome regardless of age, race, religion or creed – come with an open heart and an open mind.

Retreat Details

Wake up to the delightful song of the birds of the rainforest from your luxurious and comfy bed.

Join a yin yoga class or go for a walk before a delicious breakfast.

Later, join our group of beautiful soul sisters for an experience of quiet surrender. You'll feel calm. You'll radiate joy. You'll be refreshed for more.

Our beautifully designed 3-day retreat will captivate your senses and hone your feminine strengths.

What does the Retreat include?

You'll experience the profound relief of relaxation with gentle yoga; the incredible serenity of connecting with your feminine presence and the sensual pleasure of swimming, massage and delicious food.

Other delicacies include sauna and spa, optional extras like massages, Vichy spa steam room and floatation tank, plus plenty of downtime and lively discussions.

In addition to our 3-day retreat at Ananda, you'll also be invited to participate in our pre- and post- retreat webinars to prepare you for getting the most out of your weekend and to support you as you process what you've learned and reintegrate into your life.

Also included:

  • All meals from dinner Friday night to Sunday breakfast
  • Access to the spa and pool
  • Your personalised Spirit Medicine pouch
  • Onboarding and exit webinars prior and post event
  • Talks on mystical elements of the feminine - 4 seasons map, rites of passage and The Heroine's Journey
  • Special contributions by guest presenters

Accommodation and Food

  • There are 3 levels of rooms available – triple, double or single rooms each with their own bathroom
  • We'll dine at an onsite vegetarian restaurant

Check out the Ananda Wellness Retreat website for more details about the venue.



12PM Friday 11th March - 2PM Sunday 13th March


Your Investment*

I know cash flow is tight for many of us right now, given the forced shut down of businesses and employment in many cases.

That’s why we’ve made this as easy as possible for you to participate.

For the Budget Conscious 

  • Share a triple room with two like-minded sisters.
  • Lunch on Sunday is an optional extra

Investment: $797 (or 4 easy monthly instalments using Bizpay for just a small admin fee)


Regular Package

  • Share a double room with a like-minded sister
  • Includes a bonus lunch on Sunday

Investment: $997 (or 4 easy monthly instalments using Bizpay for just a small admin fee)

VIP Package

Have your very own luxurious room!

Also includes:

  • 1 private coaching session with Brenda (valued at $249) after the event to help you integrate and maintain your new course.
  • A mystery gift during the event

Investment: $1297 single room (or 4 easy monthly instalments using Bizpay for just a small admin fee)

*This event may be a business expense. Please check with your accountant or financial advisor.


Because You Matter...

If you are a little concerned about investing in yourself right now, I want you to think about this...

What good is a little more money in the bank if you move into the next year of your life in worry, doubt, and concern, feeling invisible and unexpressed?

What’s the point of money if you don’t have vitality, wellbeing and courage?

Power and presence bring abundance, NOT the other way around. I cannot stress this enough.


Brenda x

PS Remember, now is the time for you.