Spring-time hayfever and sinus


That time of year!

Most people I know simply put up with being blocked up or having a constant runny nose at this time of year.  I guess they think there’s nothing they can do about it, except maybe, to take some antihistamines or antibiotics.  It’s understandable to think that when you don’t know of alternatives but a new fiery attitude of “up with it, I will not put” is a much more sensible approach!  The reason is?  There are lots of things in the medicine chest of the naturopath, herbalist or nutritionist for treating upper respiratory problems.

Allergies and nutritional deficiencies

Sinus and hayfever are a result of allergies, which in turn are an assault on the immune system. If you’re immune system is constantly challenged then you’ll have a higher than average demand for immune related nutrients ie zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D and many others.  So, diet won’t be enough to fulfill your requirement, not unless you’re eating 100 oranges a day!  Taking additional nutrients is a sensible idea.

Gut and Immunity

Sinus and hayfever, lowered immunity and allergic responses all benefit from improving the balance of bacteria in your gut.  As the majority of immune cells in your body are found in the gut, improving it’s function* will have a beneficial effect.  Pro and prebiotics can help here, as well as digestive enzymes, herbs for the liver, bowel and gut, antimicrobial herbs like garlic, and some minerals.  Don’t forget that dehydration can upset your digestive function too so the age-old health tip of drinking your 8 cups a day is even more imperative.

* Let me add, that if you have poor digestive function for other reasons – low stomach acid, overgrowth of bad bacteria, stress or mineral deficiency, then you will be prone to allergies, not only the air borne ones but the food ones as well.  Getting your digestive function into optimal working order is so important in cannot be overlooked.  It is the start of good health – all good health.

The Magic of Herbs

Herbs are magnificent for upper respiratory conditions and don’t have the side effects of making you feel drowsy or energy depleted.  Herbs such as horseradish, garlic, eyebright and many others help to heal the mucous membrane of the nasal passages, improve your immune response, dry up mucous and gently detoxify your body.  A combination of multiple herbs is the best as they work synergistically together.


The body’s reaction to stress is to shut down digestive function, flood the body with stress hormones, raise our blood sugar and our heart rate plus a myriad of other actions.  Long term, or chronic, stress can play havoc on your immune system, your nerves, your digestive health and your heart health.  Sinus and hayfever could be an outcome of your body being run down from stress.  Once again, herbs, nutrients and therapeutic diet suggestions can improve your body’s resilience.  Think of ginseng, vitamin C, vegetable and fruit juices.

A Final Word

Symptoms exhibited by the body are ALWAYS a sign that something is out of balance.  They are our messengers.  Rather than ignore them or medicate them away, PLEASE pay attention.  What is out of balance for you that you are putting up with?  Everything has a solution, you just have to find it.  Sinus and hayfever may manifest in spring but the underlying environment that allows them to occur is always there.  Taking simple steps now so you don’t have to take MASSIVE steps later will not only keep you healthy longer but you’ll simply feel more in control of your health and your life!  Awesome!!

Leave a comment if you’d had success with natural remedies for your sinus or hayfever.


Brenda Rogers

With over 25 years experience as a corporate trainer, naturopath, yoga teacher and wise woman educator, Brenda is the head clinician and coach at Quintessence Health.

"A healthy mind and body simply ensures you have the time and energy to fully express and manifest your life’s purpose – it facilitates the unfolding of joy."

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