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Brenda Rogers
Holistic Health Coach

Helping people with chronic stress-related conditions to finally get results.


We help women who want to thrive and make an impact but who struggle with feeling exhausted, unwell & overwhelmed. We help you get energised so you can eat better, exercise and set the clear boundaries you need to take charge of your life.

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How we do it

We use Simple Medicine™ such as nutrient dense food, medicinal herbs plus gentle coaching to bring about transformation to the body, mind and spirit.

Our healing philosophy:

To give wisdom, as well as knowledge

To give health and lifestyle advice that has heart

To honour people – no matter what they eat or do

To inspire people to be leaders

We're passionate about helping women of all ages be healthy and vibrant throughout their lives ideally without drugs and with healthy self-esteem.

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Grown Ups Guide to Having What you Want

By Brenda Rogers | July 10, 2020

Hello, It’s deep winter… The shortest day of the year represents the renewing of the cycle of life. It’s the darkest, most Yin and the … Read more

Online Nutrition & Cooking Event

By Brenda Rogers | April 2, 2020

Who is this for? This health seminar is for people who: Are concerned for the immunity, stress & wellbeing of their families Appreciate the value … Read more

Holistic Approaches to Immunity

By Brenda Rogers | March 30, 2020

From Pasteur to Stress Management, we discuss powerful perspectives for taking charge of your health while the world deals with change: * Pasteur Vs Bechamp … Read more

DIY Hand Sanitiser Recipe

By Brenda Rogers | March 16, 2020

Here is a DIY Hand Sanitiser from Deb Reis, Director of the ISHA Aromatherapy Program:                             … Read more

How will you make the best of the current forced hibernation?

By Brenda Rogers | March 16, 2020

There is always a silver lining… We just need to find it. Already stories from around the world are filtering through – people getting to … Read more

What exactly is Menopause?

By Brenda Rogers | March 6, 2020

WHAT ARE PERIMENOPAUSE, MENOPAUSE & POST MENOPAUSE?  Perimenopause is the process of change leading up to menopause. Non-surgical menopause can start as early as your late … Read more

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