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"Embrace the power within you to cultivate wellness; it's not just a destination, but a journey of self-discovery and self-care."


Qualified Clinical Naturopath with over
30 years Experience

Brenda Rogers is a holistic wellness practitioner utilising nutritional medicine, herbal tinctures, teas, flower essences, tissue salts and homeopathics. She specialises in gut health and brain development. :

  • Foods for moods
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What are your symptoms telling you?

By Brenda Rogers | April 25, 2024

Do you wonder what your sore toe, or frequent burping actually mean? Yes, it could be a vitamin deficiency or your stress but symptoms have … Read more

Pain is meant to be impermanent

By Brenda Rogers | April 25, 2024

Pain makes us ugly. It contorts our features and contracts our energy. Pain demands our attention. In a society that medicates pain, it’s easy to … Read more

The Delicate Subject of Body Image at Midlife

By Brenda Rogers | April 25, 2024

When it comes to your body, is it one or the other with your approach? Give up (on your weight particularly, your fitness, your water!) … Read more

Embracing the Sacred in Food and Eating

By Brenda Rogers | February 26, 2024

In our fast-paced modern lives, the act of preparing and consuming food often becomes a routine task rather than a cherished ritual. However, by infusing … Read more

Family Meal Planning

By Brenda Rogers | February 7, 2024

Reposting this great article from the Weston A Price website. A GROWING WISE KIDS COLUMN Make Your Time in the Kitchen Go the Distance! The … Read more

3 Wise Steps for PMS

By Brenda Rogers | June 14, 2023

Imagine being so connected to your body that, … you feel your ovary release her egg at ovulation, … you know you’re period is coming and how … Read more

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