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Brenda Rogers ~
The Natural Menopause Expert


I help women who want to transition gracefully through menopause and into the best years of their life to become the steady, calm woman who doesn’t get riled by anything and celebrates all of who she is.

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How we do it

Instead of struggling with weight gain, sleeplessness and chaotic emotions I support women through their amazing transition to reenergise and centre themselves so they can regain healthy weight, soothe their raging emotions and get a full night’s sleep every night. Then they can save the world!

To give wisdom, as well as knowledge

To give health and lifestyle advice that has heart

To honour people – no matter what they eat or do

To inspire people to be leaders

I am a natural medicine expert specialising in menopause. I’m passionate about working with the new generation of women who are creating an empowering new paradigm for what mid-life looks like – women as powerful ambassadors for the wisdom of middle age.

Brenda Rogers

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5 Things you Need to Know about Sleep at Midlife.

By Brenda Rogers | February 26, 2021

Sleep! All I want to do is sleep! Zzzzzz Why is it so damn hard to get a good night’s sleep? Nearly all of my … Read more

The biggest mistake older women make when managing their weight

By Brenda Rogers | January 25, 2021

When I say older women, I mean women 40 and over. Is that you? Have you heard the rumours that at the scary Menopause you’re … Read more

Constipation in your 40s/50s?

By Brenda Rogers | January 13, 2021

5 Key reasons why your constipation may be worse in your 40s and 50s and how you can find relief!  Did you get constipated before … Read more

6 powerful strategies for healing a fatty liver naturally?

By Brenda Rogers | January 5, 2021

What is (nonalcoholic) fatty liver? Fatty liver is a liver condition where there is a build up of excess fat in the liver cells mainly … Read more

How much fat should I eat?

By Brenda Rogers | November 26, 2020

If you grew up, like I did… …in the 70’s and 80’s you will have been indoctrinated into the (false) theory that fats make you … Read more

Why I love the Wise Traditions Diet

By Brenda Rogers | November 3, 2020

… and the Weston A Price Foundation I am a woman and women, historically have been deeply connected to food. But not just food, as … Read more

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