Pain is meant to be impermanent


Pain makes us ugly.

It contorts our features and contracts our energy.

Pain demands our attention.

In a society that medicates pain, it’s easy to forget that the purpose of pain is to alert us to something. Something that needs our attention. It’s our job to find out what that is. 

When pain is understood, it doesn’t stick around. It’s done its job. It leaves us.

So, if you’re experiencing chronic pain, could it be that you aren’t listening? What would happen if you did? Could you initiate changes that would ignite your life, help you grow and lead you on the course of your true purpose?

Here’s 3 ways to help you deal with pain:

  1. Love your pain, it’s trying to help you.
  2. Work with someone who can help you understand your body’s messages, a body whisperer.
  3. Use gentle medicines to support you as you unravel the messages – a pain relieving tea, a herbal mix with drop doses, gentle yoga, soften your heart.

Brenda Rogers


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Brenda Rogers

With over 25 years experience as a corporate trainer, naturopath, yoga teacher and wise woman educator, Brenda is the head clinician and coach at Quintessence Health.

"A healthy mind and body simply ensures you have the time and energy to fully express and manifest your life’s purpose – it facilitates the unfolding of joy."

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