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Many years ago, I worked for Blackmores. Over the 6 years I was there, I was able to learn in great depth, all about the Celloid minerals put together by Marcus Blackmore’s father, Maurice.

Maurice was a naturopath and the founder of Blackmores. His Celloid minerals are still used by naturopaths today with good reason – they are very safe, highly effective, inexpensive and easy to take.  They make great children’s (and pregnancy) remedies.

The key nutrient for children is Calcium Phosphate (CP).  The reason for this is that children are growing so quickly. Tissues are built with calcium, and they need lots of it!  Many children’s conditions are resolved by calcium phosphate. Things like growing pains, lowered immunity, infections, bedwetting, coldness, cramps, numbness, fatigue, fainting, teeth problems, fat problems, anemia, excess perspiration and so on, all respond well.

Maurice Blackmore says:

“If one recognises the symptoms as symptoms of deficiency instead of diagnosing symptoms as disease, a totally different conception of disease becomes apparent.  Symptoms are mainly evidence of the breakdown of cells because if they were not broken down and did not need repairing there would not be any symptoms as the cells would be normal and healthy”.

Simple wisdom!

Other nutrients

Many other nutrients are required by children for the same reason as above.  They are growing!  All children eat processed Western foods and most that I know of eat insufficient fruit and vegetables and so they require supplementation. I recommend every child take a high quality multi vitamin and mineral.  Usana is my preferred brand for this. However, supplements don’t cover everything.

Diet is still key

An important macronutrient for children, particularly for brain health, is FAT.  Healthy fats are essential.  This includes butter (preferably organic).  Butter is easily assimilated and utilised by the body and is infinitely better than margarine or processed fats. As brain health is important for behaviour, learning ability and moods, it’s imperative that the child get sufficient.  Other healthy fats include avocadoes, nuts and seeds, fish (eg sardines – can be make up into yummy patties) and I often recommend veggies baked or fried in beef fat or lard (you’re much more likely to get them to eat them as they turn out quite yummy).  Make your own bone broths from grass fed animals so you can collect the nutritious fat (click here for the soup and stocks recipe link).  Fish oil supplements may also be helpful.

Meet Josh, a work in progress…

Josh is a 6 yr old recently diagnosed with behavioural and learning problems.  He has some eye twitches, concentration problems and while his symptoms aren’t too bad, but his mum notices they are getting worse.  He also has oppositional defiance (being very stubborn) and fits of rage periodically.  After taking the boy’s case history I referred him for further testing to rule out some of the typical issues with children’s conditions eg heavy metals, food sensitivities, gut health.

The key naturopathic treatment here is to get the gut right.  As gut health is the basis for healthy brain chemistry, it must be optimised first.  So a gut formula and children’s probiotic were prescribed along with a multi and fish oil (also for brain health).  I also gave Josh a homeopathic based on his constitution and some liver nutrients to support detoxification.

Results to be reviewed next edition… To be continued!


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Brenda Rogers

With over 25 years experience as a corporate trainer, naturopath, yoga teacher and wise woman educator, Brenda is the head clinician and coach at Quintessence Health.

"A healthy mind and body simply ensures you have the time and energy to fully express and manifest your life’s purpose – it facilitates the unfolding of joy."

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