Mental Health

3 Wise Steps for PMS

By Brenda Rogers / 14 Jun 2023

Imagine being so connected to your body that, … you feel your ovary release her egg at ovulation, … you know you’re period is coming and how to take the best care of yourself at that time (not because of your sugar cravings, but because you feel the call to go within), … you have no hormone … Read more

Why is my Memory so BAD?

By Brenda Rogers / 16 Aug 2021

Be curious about your memory struggles and work your way through the possible causes and you will improve your memory and have a better life!

The Striking Resemblance Between Post Menopause & Post Covid

By Brenda Rogers / 02 Aug 2021

While we’re not quite at post Covid yet, it may be helpful to you to see the parallels between Covid and menopause so you have hope for making it through both, healthy and sane! What are Peri-Menopause & Post Menopause? Firstly, let’s have a look at some definitions… Perimenopause is the process of change leading up … Read more

My Top 8 Tips for Coping with Lockdown

By Brenda Rogers / 19 Jul 2021

Here are some of my philosophical and practical ruminations on coping with the lockdown. Remember, too shall pass… 1. Eating well & using cooking as a hobbyI’m spending more time in the kitchen rather than watching TV. Eating well is WAY cheaper if you make things yourself so in the last few weeks I’ve researched recipes … Read more

Preparing for inevitable setbacks

By Brenda Rogers / 02 Jan 2015

It’s that time of year when I’m tempted to set New Year’s resolutions! This makes me CRAZY (or it used to)! I’d look at all the things I hadn’t fixed in the previous 12 months and I’d get stern and militant with myself, thinking that if I tried harder next year, it would be different.  … Read more

Thought Power: How to Manifest Your Reality

By Brenda Rogers / 07 Aug 2014

Source: The Mind Unleashed Being a bit of a personal development enthusiast, I’ve read tons of stuff on how to manifest your reality.  Most of it I find pie-in-the-sky!  When I read this article featured on The Mind Unleashed I found it very practical; written by someone who knew the challenges of managing your thoughts.  … Read more

Unhappy Marriage life can lead to heart disease

By Brenda Rogers / 01 Aug 2014

by Frances Amaroux – The Love Coach 0414 810 148 More and more research is pointing to the idea that stress and trauma have a major impact on the cause of illness. Hence, the longer you stay in an unhappy relationship, the greater your chances of becoming unwell – either physically or mentally.  Apparently, a bad marriage … Read more

Is Suffering Necessary?

By Brenda Rogers / 04 Jul 2014

by Phillip McKewin of the Personal Empowerment Institute Is Suffering Necessary? This is an interesting question. Personally I feel that suffering is a normal part of life and suffering provides us with infinite opportunities to awaken. Here are four reasons why I feel suffering supports our growth.  1.    Suffering allows us to connect with our humanity. … Read more

"A healthy mind and body simply ensures you have the time and energy to fully express and manifest your life’s purpose – it facilitates the unfolding of joy."

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