Midlife, Menopause & Emotions Webinar

By Brenda Rogers / 05 Oct 2020

Brought to you by Brenda Rogers of Quintessence Health and The Source Bulk Foods Rouse Hill & Warriewood. Menopause can be distressing and uncomfortable, especially emotionally But there is help at hand… Learn more in Wednesday’s webinar: Wednesday 7th October at 7.30PM – 9PM, Free, register for your recording. Webinar #1 – Midlife, Menopause and … Read more

How food helped my friend’s brain fog

By Brenda Rogers / 05 Oct 2020

My friend appeared dumb… but more on that later. Some of the things I hear constantly are, “I can’t think properly”, “I can’t concentrate”, “I can’t remember things”, “I’m all over the place”. Let’s be honest, this isn’t entirely the fault of social media, constant notifications, constant interruptions from phones or the fast pace life … Read more


I got engaged!

By Brenda Rogers / 02 Oct 2020

On my birthday last month, my man of almost 12 years, asked me to marry him. My birthday was everything I could have wished for… A romantic drive through the misty mountains up to the Hydro Magestic for a wonderful lunch, dramatic vistas and wonderful conversation as we sat and enjoyed each other’s company, a … Read more

Midlife & Menopause

What Happens to a Woman at Age 45?

By Brenda Rogers / 09 Sep 2020

Hello peace at any age especially midlife! One of the things I’m learning in Yin Yoga is the graceful art of surrender… if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you do – yin yoga I mean!  In the past, I’ve never surrendered gracefully. I have been, what you would call, a bit of a ratbag and … Read more

Midlife & Menopause

Midlife, Menopause & Emotions Webinar

By Brenda Rogers / 09 Sep 2020

Nearly all messages about menopause and midlife are negative and depressing. We aim to change that narrative to one that is empowering! Webinar #1 – Midlife, Menopause and Emotions Do you feel freaked out and overwhelmed for no good reason? Has life become a drudgery and you wonder, “what the heck have I done with … Read more

Grown Ups Guide to Having What you Want

By Brenda Rogers / 10 Jul 2020

Hello, It’s deep winter… The shortest day of the year represents the renewing of the cycle of life. It’s the darkest, most Yin and the most still and quiet time of the whole year. All of the energy for growth has retreated back into the Earth. Like the tree in Winter, we are pulled to hibernate, … Read more

Online Nutrition & Cooking Event

By Brenda Rogers / 02 Apr 2020

Who is this for? This health seminar is for people who: Are concerned for the immunity, stress & wellbeing of their families Appreciate the value of organic, homegrown, artisanal and quality food  Need time & efficiency hacks in the kitchen so they can fit it all in Are into ideas of self-sufficiency, buying bulk and … Read more

Holistic Approaches to Immunity

By Brenda Rogers / 30 Mar 2020

From Pasteur to Stress Management, we discuss powerful perspectives for taking charge of your health while the world deals with change: * Pasteur Vs Bechamp and Germ Theory * Medical marketing messages and why they don’t include nutritional advice * Foods to eat and foods to avoid for immune health * Why water helps immunity … Read more

DIY Hand Sanitiser Recipe

By Brenda Rogers / 16 Mar 2020

Here is a DIY Hand Sanitiser from Deb Reis, Director of the ISHA Aromatherapy Program:                                                          3 Tablespoons Organic Aloe Vera Gel 1/4 teaspoon All Natural Vitamin E Oil 7 drops Clove … Read more

How will you make the best of the current forced hibernation?

By Brenda Rogers / 16 Mar 2020

There is always a silver lining… We just need to find it. Already stories from around the world are filtering through – people getting to know their neighbours better, natural medicines being more in demand, less pollution coming from China and so on. What will the positive aspects be for you?  I’m looking at it … Read more

What exactly is Menopause?

By Brenda Rogers / 06 Mar 2020

WHAT ARE PERIMENOPAUSE, MENOPAUSE & POST MENOPAUSE?  Perimenopause is the process of change leading up to menopause. Non-surgical menopause can start as early as your late 30s. The duration of perimenopause is similar to puberty, occurring very slowly over a number of years but typically starts in our early 40s.  If you are in perimenopause, irregular … Read more

Do you really need to detox?

By Brenda Rogers / 04 Mar 2020

Why do we need a detox? Detoxification is a process that your body undertakes every day to help eliminate toxins and restore a healthy balance. It’s a completely natural process.  So technically, we don’t need a detox.  However, like all body processes, in today’s world, there are too many toxins and often, not enough nutrients … Read more

"A healthy mind and body simply ensures you have the time and energy to fully express and manifest your life’s purpose – it facilitates the unfolding of joy."

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